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Image or picture in signature - OWA (Outlook Web Access) E-mail
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Although it is not an OWA feature, it is possible to add your own logo or image in Outlook web access signature. The following procedure will guide you through the setup. You will need access to a web server where to host the image, and a working Outlook desktop installation to send an email.

Start off by uploading the image to your company's website so that you can access it with an URL similar to

Now open Outlook and click on New to compose a new message, now make sure that you are writing an HTML message by clicking on the dropdown menu on the left most part of the toolbar right bellow the menu bar in a box that can say HTML, Rich text, or Plain text, make sure to select HTML.

The next step would be to insert the picture. Click on the message body, and then go to the Insert menu, and click on Insert > Picture > From File... and where it says "File name:" type the the URL for your image like And send the message to your OWA account.

Now in the OWA account open the message you just sent, and highlight the image. Then go to Edit > Copy.

Now to insert it into the Signature, go to Options on the lower left corner of the screen, and find the button that says "Edit Signature..." and click it, paste your picture in the area that appears by right clicking on the box. Now you that you have your picture in there, you can add other text to it, and Save and Close it.